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"54g" is External linkBroadcom's implementation of the current (December 2002) 802.11g draft specification. External linkBroadcom are the first to jump the gun on the 802.11g standard, which will provide up to 54Mbps speeds while maintaining backwards compatibility with 802.11b.

Note: 54g is NOT 802.11g, nor is it a bona-fide standard. While External linkBroadcom, and vendors using their 54g chipsets, agree that it's unlikely any hardware, firmware, or software changes will be necessary to conform with the complete and ratified 802.11g specification, they still do not guarantee 54g products will be able to operate with true 802.11g products.

54g products are guaranteed to remain compatible with each other, and 802.11b, however.

Products using 54g equipment include the External linkLinksys WAP54G, and the External linkD-Link DI-624.

More information can be found at External linkhttp://www.54g.org/, and at External linkhttp://www.broadcom.com/docs/promo54g.html.

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