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A wireless device designed to work with another bridge as a simple point-to-point (p2p) link between two separated segments of a wired network.

Some bridges also support point-to-multipoint (p2mp) mode. A bridge in p2mp mode may accept connections from more than one bridge in p2p mode.

Many Access Points on the market today support p2p and p2mp bridging modes. But since there is no established industry standard for bridging, p2p between two APs from different vendors may not work.

Some more expensive bridges are designed purely for the business market and only do bridging mode - they are not APs.

It is a client connection more or less, it talks to an AP or
another bridge (but not in ad-hoc) and links 2 wired networks
together, bridges usually also are able to act as access points, but
not usually simultaneously

Layer2 Ethernet device.

Forwards ethernet frames/layer2 packets between segments based on MAC address.

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