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The GrandStream BudgeTone-100 is a SIP phone used by many people on the MelbWireless network.

A page now exists on Hacking_the_BudgeTone-100

Bandwidth Usage Chart

Encoding Mode Approx Bandwidth Quality
723.1 2300 Byte/s Good , slight delay
729 6300 Byte/s Good +
PCMA 13500 Byte/s VGood Quality
PCMU 13500 Byte/s VGood Quality
728 23000 Byte/s Breakup - maybe bandwidth req
726 0 Byte/s Just caused phones to Hang

X-Lite Codec Testing

Bandwidth Usage Chart

Encoding Mode Approx Bandwidth Quality
G711U 11000 Byte/s Vgood Quality
G711A 11000 Byte/s Vgood Quality
SPX 5600 Byte/s Good Quality, Makes tone of last thing said when it gets low on BW
GSM 5000 Byte/s Average Quality, Less dropouts, but Qual Suffers
ilBC 4000 Byte/s Good Quality, Impressed Pretty Stable & Clear. Now also on the new Budgetone FW

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