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Melbourne Wireless Inc. Committee Meeting

Please address all comments and queries to the committee.

Attendance at committee meetings is by invitation from the committee only. Members and the general public are welcome to attend any general meeting.

Date:28th November 2002
Location:Solomon Room
External linkIan Wark Laboratory
Bayview Avenue
Clayton VIC 3168


President:Tyson Clugg (TC)
Vice President:Darren Dreis (DD)
Secretary:Vaskos Tsiatis (VT)
Treasurer:James Healy (JH) - via telephone
Ordinary Committee Members:David Gason (DG)
Troy Mitchell (TM)
Handover Committee Members:Steven Haigh (SH)
Tristan Gulyas (TG)
Guest Speakers:(none)



1. Opening Remarks (TC)

2. Correspondance (DG VT)

3. Membership (DG VT)

Details of membership will not be published due to privacy requirements, and will instead be minuted by the Secretary and kept separate from the public minutes.

4. Financial Report (TC JH)

4.1 Budget

4.2 House bill status

5. Business

5.1 Post Office Box rental (DD VT)

Should rental be paid on a PO box in the city and have mail forwarded to the secretary?

5.2 Web Server (TC TM)

Should a new web server be configured and used, separate from the wireless.org.au server?

Should the node database (mapserver) be on a separate box?

How should root access to a MW box be managed?

5.3 Moderation of The Incredible Bulk (TC JH)

What can be done to expedite this process?

5.4 Administration of Internet Relay Chat (TM)

Why are there so many operators on #melb-wireless?

Should the committee take any responsibility for advertised chat facilities?

5.5 Cooperation with other groups (DD SH)

What is the status of groups such as Bendigo Wireless?

Should Melbourne Wireless make extra effort to help promote and assist such groups, or should this be left solely to wireless.org.au?

5.6 Ownership of equipment (TC DG)

Should MW move towards owning wireless networking equipment?

What is the best way to handle network assets (eg: create a trust)?

5.7 Christmas BBQ Function (TC)

5.8 Big Day In (TC)

What will be done?
Resources required?
Times for MW specific?
Info for official program?

5.9 Melbourne Wireless canvas banner (DD)

5.10 Online membership DB and memberhip signup (DD VT)

5.11 Accounting software (JH)

6. Task List

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