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Acronym for Domain Name System.


New DNS System

mr-russ and dcoles have been setting a new DNS system that automatically extracts DNS entries from the Melbourne Wireless database. To add an entry, simply edit your node details and select the entry typee and enter the IP address under Services.

Queries can take the form SERVICE.NODE.node.melbournewireless.org.au or IP.NODE.node.melbournewireless.org.au (used for reverse DNS). For example, 'www.jqy.node.melbournewireless.org.au' will resolve to

At present this is running on node JQY and is accessible through (or on network).

Local configuration

Forward DNS should be handled automatically by the public DNS system (node.melbournewireless.org.au should be delegated to this server). If you would like to use the reverse DNS features you will have to set up your system to directly query the server.

This can be done by editing '/etc/resolv.conf':
# Search path (optional)
# Allows you to specify names like 'www.dcoles.node' rather than requiring the the full entry
search melbournewireless.org.au

# Query the Melbourne Wireless nameserver first
#nameserver # Alternative, public address

# Default nameserver - server to handle all other requests
nameserver # Insert your DNS server here!

Future enhancements

Old DNS System

Here is what i have setup at node fut.
now i dont have to guess which node has which ip.


here is a list of domain names to ip address

only available if you set your computer or bind server to have in its dns list.

If you want me to add your node or any other dns you want to an ip send me an email in this format:
dns.name (main ip) (other ip address if you have more than 1 network card this will be used for reverse lookups)
to: ivile(at)but.st or ivile01(at)yahoo.com.au

Start of Authority (SOA) 30, chain.ivile.net., hostmaster.
Name Server (NS) chain.ivile.net.

Usage ie: fut.mw, brenton.ivile.net, davies.exempnet, fut.exemplar-ivile

aaf Host (A)
bfi Host (A)
fkr Host (A)
fob Host (A)
fut Host (A)
fuu Host (A)
gur Host (A)
gws Host (A)
hnb Host (A)
hne Host (A)
hkf Host (A)
darren.hkr Host (A)
hkr-ap.hkr Host (A)
linksys.hkr Host (A)
linktofkr.hkr Host (A)
unknown.hkr Host (A)
ivile Alias (CNAME) fut.mw.

brenton Host (A)
chain Host (A)
james Host (A)
linksys Host (A)
routerd Host (A)

davies Host (A)
exempnet Host (A)
manson Host (A)
nelson Host (A)

fut Host (A)
fuu Host (A)

"ping chain.ivile.net to test dns"

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