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This is a basic howto which was posted to the mailing list by Will Lanigan,
Thanks Will..


Flashing enterasys cards with the latest orinoco firmware...

well yes it can be done and the cards still work perfectly, in fact better because they are now recognised by everything as being an orinoco.

You need to do this in win9x, winME or NT4 it doesn't work in win2k.

It also does NOT work in WinXP.

Step 1

To flash your card you MUST install the entersays card into your PC with the orinoco drivers (yeah u have to frig around a bit to do this in some cases).

Step 2

Once you have the enterasys installed with orinoco drivers just run the firmware update program from www.orinocowireless.com and click update.

Step 3

The enterasys cards come with firmware version 6.04 according to the orinoco update program, once updated, your card will have orinoco firmware of 8.10 installed (assuming you use the current update available)


(zardoz a.k.a Tristan Gulyas pioneered this firmware updating method and has passed his wisdom on to me at the melb-wireless meeting, thanks zar!)

External linkupdated firmware 8.10

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