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br0p@hotmail.nospam.com (without the nospam :)

I have some stuff to sell/trade:

1 x ~5?dbi DIY omni with adapter for car window. It has some wierd downtilt issues, i never really used it, bought from m33t for $60 i think. you can have it for $25

1 x 9dbi DIY omni with some downtilt issues as well (but it worked really well for wardriving :) I used this for my test node and had no issues with the downtilt, that could just be my location. I dont have any testing equipment but it seemed to work well. Bought for $50 or somthing, this one works better so its $30

1 x Video Capture/TV tuner card. BT848KPF Chipset. WOrks great on 9x/me, but the site said there were no drivers for 2k/XP. Well i found drivers for XP and they worked. the proggy was not bug free but it did its job (i will suply drivers if u want) Bought for $100 ages ago, never really used, sell for $35

1 x 8 port 10mbit ethernet hub w/power transformer. This is basically just the unit ripped from its plastic case (NOT bnc) works fine, perfect for a build in job or whatever, i dunno. u can have it for $10

1 x 10mbit NIC. Works fine (PCI). $2

STUFF I NEED ( I can pay for this as well, not just trade as most of that ^^ stuff isnt worth much)

Some sort of PCI wireless 802.11b card (not adapter and pcmcia)

Athlon XP CPU (any one)

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