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This page exists to maintain a registry of information about the External linkMelbourne Wireless Automagic Firmware Builder

The Firmware Builder allows node-owners to easily create a preconfigured firmware for a wireless router. Currently, only Broadcom-based wireless routers are supported, such as the early Linksys WRT54G versions, the Asus WL-HDD, WL-500G and WL-500G Premium.

The idea behind the Firmware Builder is to reduce the time it takes to configure and build the operating system for a public wireless node. Currently, the firmware is based on the Berlin-based External linkFreifunk Firmware. We hope to add more packages so as to localise the firmware for Melbourne Wireless.

This page will deal only with the builder itself. The Melbourne Wireless Firmware that is created by the firmware will be discussed on External linkthis page

Important points to note about the Builder:

Some things to note about the resulting firmware:

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