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Hello y'all,
I'm currently trying to track down people in Geelong with 'pringle cans on the roof'. There used to be a website for us (geelong.wireless.org.au), and there are a few entries on NodeDB - but the accuracy of the data there isn't known. There has also been a few scam wireless ventures around (who shall remain nameless), and one looking good - BeCom.

I've set up a forum on my Citadel BBS node at External link comalies.citadel.org (sign up, goto the room listing, its under 'Local'). Alternatively, you can get the discussion in mailing list form by subscribing to External linkthe room.

If you know anybody in Geelong who may be interested in setting up a wireless link, point them here.
-- Tremere

Knock Knock, whos there?

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NodeJMV Tremere Highton Varies (see info) Waiting...
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