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MWRP Software

This page is currently a scratch area for evolving the software model for the MWRP.

Previous thinking was based on developing/modifying add-on packages (ipkg) to create the basic set of software we think is needed on the router. The problem was/is that there still needs to be some customization and configuration and that it woul dbe better to generate a pre-configured firmware image using something like the freifunk tools.

WRT54GS package development

    1. Basic package that installs and configures these packages:
      1. quagga,
      2. wl,
      3. dropbear, think this is included in even the thinnest base package
      4. ip,
      5. frottle,
      6. chillispot, replace with MWRPHotspot
      7. interface-wrt.
    2. Firewall/NAT script suitable for two public wireless interfaces and one private wired-LAN interface Done - included as part of MWRPHotspot
    3. Basic web-interface - network interfaces, wireless setup. Based on either the interface-wrt OpenWRT package or the freifunk-webadmin component of the excellent German External linkFreifunk Firmware project for OpenWRT
    4. DHCP client and DHCP server settings Changing this from using the NVRAM settings means configuration can easily be done through the config file - a better approach
    5. Firewall/NAT web-interface
    6. Routing (Quagga) web-interface
    7. Captive-portal web-interface
    8. Automatic activiation of Frottle on wireless interfaces - Frottle mode (master, client) corresponding to wireless mode selected (AP, client)

Current MWRP status

MWRP is available via CVS using:
   $ export CVSROOT=:pserver:wireless.org.au:/var/cvs
   $ cvs checkout mwrp

Currently, it builds a .ipkg file that can be loaded directly onto any OpenWRT based device. There are some pre-requisites. Make sure you read the INSTALL file to get the whole story. If you have any contributions to make, add features, fix bugs etc, then patches are accepted by CRC. His address is in the AUTHORS file.

Open questions

  1. Do we still want a master package?
  2. Is the list of packages the extent of what we think should go in the router?
  3. Do we need to do any web-admin construction or can we use a package? If there is a package how do we add our own application admin stuff to it?
  4. Is there anyone out there who gives a toss?

Who do what?

I (dna) can do any package creation and shell scripting we need. I have created some simple sript based menus for the Hotspot package that shouldbe easy to turn into web forms. Any volunteers?
Dan, can you get us up to speed on how the freifunk packaging works ( like what the parameters for running the script are and how we can extend the web interface?

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