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Narre Warren

Ok, the antenna (TIB Omni) is up on a 1.8m eaves mount mast (yes, it DOES clear the ridge line, JUST!), and I'm scanning for contacts.
NodeGMI had made intermittent contact, and we're trying to get something a little more robust happening.
Unfortunately, there are some dirty great houses between us :-(

Anybody else in the northern end of Narre Warren (see the view from the roof) willing to try and connect - if so, the config details are in Locfinder.

The Omni is Vertically polarised, so anyone trying to connect will need to bear this in mind.

I'm in iBSS mode so you'll need to know the SSID of wireless.org.au and channel 11 to connect (there is no Linux HostAP type app that will work with my Enterasys card that I know of - if you do, please tell me!).

See the view from the roof here: (Don't forget to scroll to the right, this is a BIG Panorama made with software from External linkPanorama Factory - in case you recognise anything, when scrolled to the far right, you are looking due North)

External linkPanorama shot

Comments : Wow! You can really see a long way from your roof!

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