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Not in air yet, and may be a while, but if you're close, let me know, it might speed things up my end. :-)

In August 2003, I moved to a somewhat better location, with a good chance of accessing some of the local active nodes. In addition, I have excellent coverage of the Steele Creek (a tributary of the Maribyrnong) valley, and plan on providing coverage into this area. Those in those new valley estates, fear not! Melbourne Wireless is coming to you!

* 1 laptop with a broken screen, which will be the WLAN firewall/router.
* 1 commercially built 12dB OmniAntenna.
* 1 15dBi GalaxyAntenna.
* 1 18 dBi GalaxyAntenna.
* Miscellaneous 2.4 GHz radio gear.
* 3x Enterasys 802.11b WLAN cards
* 1 Access Point for the internal LAN.

The system has been under test using the cards' internal antennas. Getting good results around the house, so the Linux wireless router works fine. Future development includes installing an external antenna and attempting a link to the nearest node.

Future plans include:

* Installing a mast mounted AP in client mode with the 18 dBi GalaxyAntenna for the main link to the rest of the network.
* Installing a second mast mounted AP with the OmniAntenna to provide service to local users.

The channel allocation is yet to be determined and will depend on the channels used by existing links, as well as other local requirements to dodge potential ham 2.4 GHz transmissions.

Well, the node is moving to the Western Plains. Check the databases below to find out where...

Via Melb Wireless Locfinder

Via External linknodedb.com

Or for more about me.. TonyLangdon

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