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BFI History
Moved to Mitcham, connecting to node JIA some 2 years ago
Been having difficulties getting a good signal (-75dbm) and poor quality
Thought it was due to heavy trees and a building in the way
Changed freq today, and proved that to be wrong. Upgraded to 11n technology
recently .Now have 2.5megabytes/sec uplink. Upgrades planned for JIA end this year

Replaced the grid on GWS with a boxtenna (integrated panel and radio in box)
The end result was a dramatic performance improvement since the 15m cable run eliminated as well as implementing POE (Power over ethernet). Nearly achieving 700kbytes/sec both ways to GWS. Next goal is to upgrade GWS end to 11g to improve link speed.

Waiting on GWS to fix 11g issues at the moment.

Waiting patiently for a stronger signal from GHO so we can get a usable link to mw network to vermont either from GWS or BFI

Installed a new smaller grid to GWS, and moved the larger
grid to be dedicated to GHO-Mobile. Cant pickup GHO-South or GHO-North
at all

Finally got dedicated GRID and radio for link to GHO-Mobile
Only getting -75dbm and 1mbps connection which is real slow
(about 40kbyte/sec down and 8kbyte/sec up)

Need to move the radio upto closer to the grid as losing 4db through
15m cable loss
Changed small grid for link to GWS

Nothing much, Just hanging around waiting for GHO to come to life again

Well finally I've got my omni, and built the antenna.
But picking up no signals out east

Did some test to the Heathmont hill and the omni works fine.

Just no one to talk to out there :(

Any interested parties in the Ringwood, Heathmont, East Ringwood, Vermont
or Heatherdale areas drop me an email.

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