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Node: DJJ
Name: Rocca (name of my dog. I am not affiliated in any way with the Collingwood Football Club. ;) )
Location: Reservoir
Owner: BenG

Status: Fully Operational.

Node went live at 6pm on Sunday 2nd March 2003. =)

Here is a night shot of my mast:

Antenna at night

If you're looking to connect to me, I have average LOS South and West, but there are hills to the North and East that I'm sure eliminate any chance of a linkup in that direction.

Currently linked to NodeGMA and NodeGPR.

On the agenda...

Linking to a more substantial part of the Melbourne Wirless network via NodeGPR.

Wireless logbook...

Monday 4th March, 2002: Just got my first wireless connection going! You can now listen to music in the kitchen courtesy of my computer in my bedroom. :) Yes folks, that's an earth-shattering 8 metre link. Oh well, it's a start...

Wednesday 8th May, 2002: I've come to the realisation that I don't have anyone in my area to connect to!

Sunday 15th February, 2003: After picking up some cheap equipment, my node's server has been upgraded to a PIII-700. Also thought I should document the work I have done configuring it, so have done that here.

Thursday 27th February, 2003: Making progress. Fully configured wifi server: check. LMR-400 Cable: check. Directional antenna: arriving soon. Mast: alas, not yet. Might stick the omni on the TV antenna mast for starters.

Sunday 2nd March, 2003: Node went live tonight. The omni is mounted on the TV antenna mast, and the 10 metre run of LMR-400 I bought last week only has a single inch to spare on the run back to my wifi server!

Wednesday 23rd April, 2003: Managed to get one of the big ex-pay-tv dishes, so am working on modifying that for 2.4GHz operation.

Thursday 1st May, 2003: Testing out the new dish, and it matches my 25 dBi Hills dish for gain, so I'm very pleased. I went with the instructions on External linkmpot's site for the new dipole.

Tuesday 15th July, 2003: I've done some distance testing on my node to feed my wireless hunger recently. Got 400 metres to the lappy without an external antenna, and managed to pickup my node from the top of Mt Cooper in Bundoora park (1.5km) with a 25dBi dish. Not too shabby. Time to get a mast. :D

Tuesday 16th September, 2003: Mast is up! Permanently linked to NodeGMA. Looking to expand...

Friday 26th December, 2003: I've just noticed that I might somehow have LOS to NodeGUR. I'm hopping on the roof tomorrow to see if I can pick anything up.

Monday 8th March, 2004: Changed mast config around. Might extend it a bit higher too. Going for a link out of this hole...

Monday 5th April, 2004: I've done it! Linked to NodeGPR and finally have a way out! Woohoo!

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