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Location: Moorabbin

Owner: txrx

Status: operational

Update - 20021202
Situation has changed in a pretty major way at FBD, heres the brief:

Line of Sight:

External linkPhotos and the latest updates

Current Hardware/Software:

I am currently running a *BSD based laptop in IBSS mode as my 'AP'.

The Omni on the roof goes most of the way around the block with no antenna on the client, with an antenna you can usually pick it up from South rd and Nepean HWY.

The ESSID is ion.wireless.org.au

No DHCP is being provided ATM but i will in future when im more comfortable with it. If you're in the area - or not, and you can 'see' me, set a manual IP of something between - with the Default Gateway of



I have long since removed the IDS, portscan it if you desire.

NO 'net access is available via this unit.

Ive been making Omni's from External linkthis design, with a few minor modifications. I have the 24 element unit on my roof have built a couple of 12 elements and 8 element units also. The diff between the 12s and the 8s is marginal - now that the design is tested and proved i'll continue to build the smaller 8 element (8dBi) Omnis and sell them on purely a 'cost recovery' basis.

If you're interested, drop me an e-mail.


Currently I have the AP at

No DHCP, set your address at anything above

SSID is ion.wireless.org.au

Added NodeFFA to nodemap. This node is the Compaq. Usually in-car.


Pfft. All obstacles are there to be overcome. If you have issues you think you can't get past, please e-mail me with the details and i'll do my best to suggest either a workaround or an alternate solution.

Money is probably _everyones_ problem, I've got more pressing things to do with
it ATM. I do however have a _lot_ of existing gear and can build anything from
anything - A-team style. The Compaq is filling in for a more permanenet

An antenna is not far away, hopefully the next 2 weeks. pfft


20020423: posted link with External linknode Line of Sight pics and stuff.

20020425: updated this here page. stumbled node EAI in the car with ^Yob

20020403: updated this here page. completed AP 'testing' setup. Current
status 'available for close-range leeching' :)

20020505: updates. Created new node for Compaq as plans become more clear. NodeFFA is a near-future 'mobile' node.

20020903: been a long time between updates, but its pretty much done. Currently in the process of linking with Rik up the road from me.

20020909: Node testing from city office. iPaq walkabouts.

20021007: External linkwlan.eridu.net back online, updated wiki.

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