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FDF is where I FennBailey live.

It's a low rise apartment block, and hence has terrible LOS to anywhere.

However, things are finally looking up for FDF! (2003-06-13). I now have the possibility of linking to a (soon to exist) node that I CAN SEE FROM MY BALCONY!!!

You can see the External linkoriginal pic off my balcony

And External linkto the left of that one the new pic, with X marking the spot.

To get a feel for what that looks like External linkfrom above

With this new opportunity, I now have the possibility of linking with the semi-operating ANZ building node NodeEGG and NodeCIA.

ANZ provides clear LOS (and currently has an AP pointing) towards Richmond, including (but not limited to): NodeGIB (also owned by me), NodeGBJ, NodeGKU and NodeBAE, which in turn gives us a link to NodeGKF.

That would be 8 nodes when running!

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