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Node is currently a cisco airant 5959 plugged into a cisco 350 - this gear is on loan from a client who is setting up a wireless network (we're building billing for it). That all plugs into a commercial access point, which does NAT etc.

I also have an Enterasys card plugged into a taller antenna (about another 7 or 8 feet over the chimney of the house), in a linux box. This is in ad-hoc mode, I'm working on how to convert it into a proper access point - this will be the "proper" NodeFFB, instead of the existing setup.

If anyone wanders past, you're welcome to drop me a line about access - because the node is being used for testing for the client atm, if you try and connect to it you'll gain access to, well, not much, but I'd be happy to extend access to interested parties.

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