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Okay, due to puttputts mentioning, I've decided to modify this a bit.

I've got two antennas setup at the moment.

24dbi Galaxy

Type: Point to point to txrx

Other end: Node FBD

Channel: 3 (xxx confirm this..)

Mode: BSS

ESSID: nodefbd-nodeflk.wireless.org.au

Notes: Can just see txrx. There is a raise in the land that almost gets in the way. Currently its pointed at dysfunction for now to do some testing.

Currently the assigned IP address for this interface is (iirc. just scan the C class, noone else is connected to it).

Since this link isn't active at the moment, there isn't much to write about.

8dbi Superpass Omni directional

Type: Point to multipoint

Other ends: none atm

Channel: 7 (or is it three?)

Mode: BSS

ESSID: wireless.org.au

Info: NodeFLK_AP
Notes: noone replies to my emails.

IP address:

This interface runs DHCP, so you should be able to get a connection. Used allocation on this range is, which is my gateway to the LAN.

My network design is currently this...

PtP to FBD ( wireless gw ) omni -> supernova ( -> lan

There are two networks on channels 1 and 13 funnily enough. I'll prolly make it 3 and 10 or something when things are sorted out. If you're close to me or want to test to see if you can get a linkwith me, your best bet is to email me [mailto:nullptr@tasmail here].

Later on, I plan to run some things like a zebra testbed and shell acount systems, etc. Possibly even gui-related accounts, as the bw is free.

If you see these essids (specifically with a info section of NodeFLK_AP) and the fbd-flk, could you mail me about it? Thanks.

Uhm. more to come when I can be bothered, as usual.

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