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I've got a 166 Toshoba Satellite with an Entrasys card setup, running NoCat off floppy disk, 8dbi omni mounted on a 2m roof mast.I have an open container housing the laptop in the roof. IP is currently the default of NoCat, until I get another Hard Drive for the laptop. (460CDT if anyone has one lying around!;)

ESSID = wireless.org.au
Nickname = NodeFMO

Here's a link to some External linkpic's from the roof

I'm also working on setting up NodeFPU with a collection of friends in that same area, with content from some community oriented groups, bands, etc etc. I like the idea of wireless being able to empower groups and individuals in the areas that they are focussed.

Also finally got my brother ordering his omni for his NodeFQE out in Vermont, and have 3 other future nodes in the Northcote and Coburg area's I'll be helping out with, and in the process of gathering parts.

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