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NodeFPU (nomasters) is a warehouse on top of Northcote hill ( External link Pictures ) that holds events, benefits, gigs, meetings and other assorted things for various street-level groups, and where we are trying to get an 'information station' going, extending services into the wireless world.

We have considered this in the past, and always seen it as an obvious extension to our networks, especially locally, and with pricing keeping the information technology out of many ground level organisations ability, need plays a large part.

There are a large number of people in the immediate area, most with pc's and into DIY and alternative type stuff. We are in LOS of most of Melbourne and suburbs from the roof :)


MAC 00:E0:63:83:0A:27

essid fpu.wireless.org.au

channel 3

Pick an IP netmask to connect on. DHCP shortly

You can route through to the game and file server (counterstrike currently) on

Some of the things planned:

- broadcast current gigs/events/meetings

- squatters resource center - UnRealEstate, SquattersHandbook, squat updates, SquatAlert

- resource/information center

- music

- collaborative organisation/creation

- skill/job sharing network

- games of course

- links to other alternative resources

We have:

166Mhz 64 meg Desktop, 2 ethernet cards, running debian - planned access point

30+gig of free local, national and international non-corporate distibuted music

Internal network, fileserver, gameserver

lots of bits and pieces like soundsytems, recording equipment, stage etc

2 planned links to other networks


More antennas, more cards
Links (NW and East with any luck), routing .. and all the fun that goes with it.
IPv6/Zebra ?

Organise, educate, inform others, maintain contact and responsible, shared usage with other users of the band.

Peace, Love, and 2.4Ghz

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