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03 April 2004

A webcam of the AP box on the chimney is now on the web server. It can be seen via the URL below.

02 Jan 2004

FSE's web server is now also linked to the Internet and can be viewed at External linkhttp://fse.webhop.net/

11 Nov 2003

Now using channel 11

26 Oct 2003

Moved the the AP and the omni from the top of the bungalow to up on the roof. This is an increase of about 10m in height (to around 20m). This should get the signal over the nearby roofs and trees.

I have yet to test the range but hopefully it is around 1km.

28 Sept 2003

Added to the web server new graphics and logging for the 3 temperature sensors. Anyone connecting to will be able to see the temperatures 1) in the AP box; 2) near the power regulator in the AP box; and 3) near the computer inside the bungalow.

When I get a few dollars together I will buy a antenna kit and more CAT5 cable so that I can get the AP box even higher.

18 Sept 2003

The AP box is now mounted on the bungalow roof for testing ? it is easier to get up and down from there then the roof of the house.

It seems to be working without any problems, although the range is not too great as it is only ~4 meters above ground (when it goes on the roof of the house it will be 10+ meters).

Had strong winds and rain last night and it is working fine this morning ? waterproofing must be ok.

Have setup web and FTP servers. Will setup a game server if there is any interest.




Migrate from windows XP to Linux ? Tried to get the AP working with Redhat 8 but since I am new to Linux the learning process was too slow. So Linux box is on hold for now until I get more time.

Finish testing the AP and then move it up higher ? probably on the peak of the roof (approx. 10m above ground).

Buy another AP and set it to client mode. Connect it to a parabolic (currently sitting in the bungalow getting dusty) and setup a long distance connection.

Help develop the wireless infrastructure of the Southern region.

What?s in the AP?s Box?

I found that running 5V to the AP over 10+ meters of wire was not going to make it so I had to add a regulated power adaptor to the box. I used a cheap kit from Dick Smith (K3594). Input is 7.5V (from a mulit-adaptor) and output is a nice 5.1V. D-Link says you need 2.5 amps to run the DWL-900AP+ but an IC that is rated as Max at 1.5A controls the internal voltage. So the little Dick Smith adaptor works well.

I have also installed 2 DS18s20 temperature sensors in the box (free samples are available from the Dallas Semi web site). The PII233 box is logging their temperatures ? it is surprising how hot it can get inside the box. Later I will setup a web-based interface so that the temperature log records can be accessed via the web server.

Sept. 2003
Have put the DWL-900AP+ in a watertight box and mounted a 8Dbi Omni to the box. Ran out if time to actually get it up on the roof though - hopefully get that done this week.

Have a PII233 running Windows XP that will hopefully do the routing when I put the parabolic up later (maybe pointing to FLK). I would rather have some version of Linux running on it but I need time as I am not a Linux expert and the learning curve will probably be steep.


Should be testing in the next week or so. If you are interested in trying to connect email me.

JUNE 2003


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