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11/12/03 (according to history)
Hi I'm Rob I've helped several with masts and I like to build / mod antenna. I am adding to the array on my roof and are learning what I am forced to know about linux , my choice for wireless support and networking. The current toys are a can feed parabolic on a rotor with a slotted wave guide to follow on a AP
The current "toy" is several 3 mtr dishes for longer hops, shared with several other players. You can also find me at most meetings slicing onions and organizing BBQ if not cooking as well. Come along and join in.

11/11/08 WoW this is all I wrote in 5 years

add history-With help from Tim I have had a link to HVC using a Canopy radio on 5G
grid has come down and slotted wave guide atm only omni

Update-3 mtr dish still has not fired a shot in anger though it is complete and now with dave

Plans-currently working towards a link to JLP hopefully thru KAQ - DONE

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