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Proud Member of the RGCentral working group.

18th of Feb
- I have been in written contact with NodeGKU (jules), NodeGKF (abe), NodeGIB (fenn), Node FPV (pete), NodeBAE (mike) and NodeBGD (james).

22nd of Jun
- Debian box is up, but no antenna for now. If you're in coppin st you may be able to pick it up anyway. My dhcp isnt as agressive as it should be though, so me may need to set statics. Applied for IP's through NodeDB. Waved around 24db Hills directional antena on roof to pick up some interesting stuff around Richmond. NodeEGG and NodeBAE are clearly visible. I believe pointing the Hills at BAE would allow NodeGKU access via its back end. I can't see how I would be able to link directly to NodeGKF though. Also tested fenn's waveguide with some excellent results. FennBailey has been inspiration. I have a pretty solid plan as to how the the access point will talk to other melbwiress members, as well as my internal network and maybe allow very basic access via my WAN (1.5mbit dsl). Still need something to house and waterproof the box in.

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