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Interested in offering public internet access once I am certain that it's legal. Currently DHCP assigns IPs from the range with no real useful access available. Will do more once I get an external antenna.

Also interested in point-to-point linking to others with similar goals, experimenting with Squid caching etc.

I have a /24 range of 'real' IPs which could be used for this project.

Current equipment:

DWL-900AP+ access point

P133/32Mb running Win98 SE with Avaya Gold card (laptop)

P166/80Mb running FreeBSD 4.7 with Avaya Gold card, and Netgear PCI cradle.

UPDATE: Building a new house in Roxburgh Park, so I have put the wireless stuff on hold until I move in mid-2004. Although I'll be in the middle of a suburban estate there is one unusual feature of our block of land: one side borders an easement owned by Melbourne Water, which by law cannot be built upon. This means there is a 'channel' of sorts (about the width of a two lane road) with a clear LOS from one end to the other. I can see mountains clearly through the easement (dandenong ranges?), so there is possible potential for a long distance link.

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