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A holiday project for me (Eric Orton) at the moment. I hope to have my node operating 24/7 by the end of January 2003 (Update: missed that dealine, I'll settle for sometime in the next few months :-).

My main aim is just to access my house network (running a variety of *BSD machines) from the park across the road from my house (Curtain Square). But if I can establish a link to anyone else around me that would be great.

*ISA SCM Swapbox PCMCIA adaptor. Can hold two pc-cards which is nice.
*Enterasys card w/ pigtail..
*D-Link 900AP

I was originally going to stick the PCMCIA adaptor into my server machine with an enterasys card to act as a AP, and then get some more enterasys cards for the client machines on my network, but I've ended up purchasing a 900AP from Vaskos, so the PCMCIA adaptor is probably surplus at teh moment...

Currently I've got good signal throughout my house (double storey Vic terrace), and in the park across the road just using the supplied antenna.

All I need to do now is to get my server properly configured to only allow wireless access to my internet connection when connected over a VPN, while still allowing free connection to my other services (mainly just a Quake server ATM). Oh, and probably look at installing an antenna if I want to get a connection to any other Melbourne Wireless members.

On another note I've recently had Alphalink Wireless installed in my house, after the tech's installed the 8db Omni on my roof and ran the LMR400 into my lounge I plugged my laptop with Enterasys card into it for a while while I waited for the Software techs to come out. Couldn't see any Melbourne Wireless members at the time though...

UPDATE: Alphalink recently replaced the gigafast usb adaptor (and antenna and everything) with a custom Atmel based ap which they've installed on the roof with a POE setup. Runs very well with my FreeBSD 5.0 based server. I just wished they could have left the 8dB omni and LMR400 installed for me to use, oh well... :-)

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