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This was a two level apartment close to Carlton United Breweries off Victoria Street.

It had good views across surrounding areas excluding north which is obstucted by a rise in the land across the other side of the river and the Brewery.

It had easy roof access with power wired to a rooftop garden and existing aerials located on the top of the stairwell at the approximatly the level of a third floor.

I used the existing TV aerial pole and mount a PC or AP in a weather proof box and a couple of wireless cards to avoid fixed wiring.

18/3 I have purchased a SVEC Access Point via TIB and am waiting for delivery.

21/3 Delivery has been delayed with the wrong AP's being sent to Andrew Stephen who is organising the purchase.

22/3 James Mollison and Fenn Bailey came for a visit. Took some photos of the area from the roof and tryied out an omni antenna. Found about 7 AP's operating in the area including an SSID of wireless.org.au which we suspect is Node BAE. Couldn't get a connection but may well with a directional antenna. Photos and MAC address to come soon.

23/4 Access Points have arrived and I will be testing over the ANZAC weekend. Hope to get another connection to Node BAE

27/4 Did some stumbling with Fenn's directional antenna and found that Richmond is quite the happening place for wireless. No link BAE but that might have been because his external antenna was turned off. If your SSID or MAC address appears below "I'd like to talk" because links would certainly be possible. (And no none of these were using WEP)

( 22222 ) ( 00:40:96:24:e7:c1 )

( 2324aa ) ( 00:40:96:30:96:b0 )

( 22222 ) ( 00:40:96:24:d0:c7 )

( nhp61258 ) ( 00:40:96:44:27:5f )

( a3066.0.1b ) ( 00:60:b3:18:6c:e8 )

( kenst ) ( 00:80:c8:03:77:3a )

( 2f0 ) ( 00:40:96:29:8d:c1 )

( 1f0 ) ( 00:40:96:30:d6:ee )

( manjaz ) ( 00:40:96:57:73:3a )

( Proppy ) ( 00:09:5b:2d:71:3c )

( 2324aa ) ( 00:40:96:29:8d:19 )

( 1122 ) ( 00:40:96:30:c6:2c )

( vrnstvacu ) ( 00:40:96:24:e6:34 )

( drmbk airport ) ( 00:60:1d:f6:65:72 )

3/5 Retesting with a pigtail plugged directly into the antenna we got a stable 2Mb link to node BAE with signal levels of around -85db.

5/5 I haven't been able to get an Access Point associated with BAE and am going to source a laptop to run a card till I can get a better antenna.

17/5 The node is now operational with an AP operating 24/7 from the roof. Its not linked to other nodes but that is on the way soon. Currently this does not have an external antenna installed at the moment but
A webserver is operating during the day at but makes too much noise for me to sleep to leave on all the time. DCHP Server to come soon. In the meantime grab the IP Number (Subnet mask

11/6 OK the link to BAE is going (but pretty marginal ) in bad weather it was reporting sustained 75% packet loss and a -92 db signal level. This is using Fenn's Antenna and other associatied equipment (Thanks Fenn) and a borrowed Laptop and wireless card (Thanks Michael Knowles) An antenna upgrade is likely. Next step is to fix the IP forwarding so that other computers can use the link.. The Web server on is down. dhcp is still to get organised grab the in the meantime if you find us and try pinging I'm working on learning to drive this damm linux thing. (Thanks again Fenn for all the answers)

19/6 Routing issues have been sorted out. If you can connect to either node GKF or node BAE you should be able to contact any computer on either subnet. A replacement Galaxy Antenna has been bought to improve the link quality. I also have a spare (yet to be modded) which I plan to offer to those who want to try to get a link to GKF or BAE.

7/7 Ok so routing is still a problem. Computer crashes have taken up heaps of my time so DHCP is still yet to happen. A new omni has be put up hopefully extending the range of the node. I'll keep working. Thanks to everyone who has been reporting connections to the node. Please keep them coming in.

4/12 I've moved to Sydney so GKF is no more.. well until I come back to Melbourne. Then it will be named something else and be located in a different spot. Anyho in the mean time I'm happy to provide feedback on what proved to be a very reliable setup in terms of providing hotspot access for around the house and a marginal link to BAE. (thanks for all your help Michael). I'm going to be playing around with SIP phones and maybe seeing what's happeing on the Sydney Wireless front for a while till I can find another job in Melbourne..

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