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Me:"Mum can I put a 14 metre mast on the roof"


Me: *000*

I bought, then broke my first Enterasys card, dropping a laptop with it in it is bad mmmm kay!

13/06/2003: Toby introduced me to Melbourne Wireless.

14/06/2003: First Meeting. I brought, then broke my first Enterasys card, dropping a laptop with it in it is bad mmmm kay!

22/06/2003: Now have a Dlink 900+ AP and 650+ card to suit.

Gathering more equipment over the next couple of weeks.

01/07/2003: With much apreciated assistance from Rob, smarm and Vak, we stood on the roof and managed to sniff FNZ. A link is possible.

04/07/2003: Mounting brackets for mast installed.

05/07/2003: Mast installed, antenna mounted, link non #@$%@# existant. Houston, we have problems.

07/07/2003: Modifications to FNZs end, much assistance from smarm, but still no link here. We can sniff FNZ, hell even netstumbler can see it, but no link.

15/07/2003: We have a link baby!! FNZ and GSL formally linked, 12gig of *cough* transferred overnight. 300K/s sustained.

25/10/2003: The end in nigh. Big building being put up in FNZ's LOS to BHH. I need to swing around to BHH and put up and omni for FNZ to hit me.
3/11/2003: Link to BHH established, but dodgy, thinking trees. Omni put up, but not working properly. Minitar mounted in plastic box on mast.

11/11/2003: Mast pulled down, dodgy cable to omni found and replaced. Grid put up another meter, still poor link to BHH. Sigh, wireless sucks!

12/11/2003: FNZ manages to see GSL. Might have something here. Link to BHH still needs work.

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