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This is our first node and is used solely for those at this location - it's not a public link at this point (closed, running WEP and MAC restricted). The node is linked to the 'net via a 56k modem - no broadband as yet.

Major thanks go out to the folks at Toy Satellite (www.toysatellite.org) for lending the access point hardware & its Orinoco card.

Future wireless projects include the following:

1. Creating a briefcase node for use while mobile and/or at remote sites (eg: file server, print server, AP and 56k link to the 'net in a briefcase).

2. Going to broadband for the private LAN and WLAN.

3. Loading a content/bbs server onto the 'net

4. Setting up a second, public access WLAN to allow those around this site to access the content/bbs server via wireless

5. Becoming a node in the Melbourne Wireless mesh

Don't hold your breath on this, but hey, at least the first step has been taken :)

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