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We are looking for somebody to complete a link from node GTU to GTV. Node GTU is Pair-gained and is therefore unable to get adsl, but GTV is willing to share his.

As you can see by this contour map: http://users.bigpond.net.au/netlink/contour-gtu.gif
we are seperated by a small incline. We have free antenna equiptment available to lend to the linking node for as long as its up. This includes 1 svec access point, 1 8dbi omni antenna and 1 24dbi directional conifer antenna. All that would need to be purchased is antenna mounting equiptment ($45 from bunnings for pole and strap kit) and some low loss cable.

Email me if you are interested and believe you can complete the link.
josh at netlink.com.au


This is a contour map of the nodes around mine in Camberwell and Glen Iris (as of 22/7)

If you don't use the automatic method of finding your coordinates when you create a new node, you may notice that it appears 200 m south west of where it really is. If this is the case you may have entered the wrong coordinates for the map datum that locfinder uses.

Locfinder uses AGD66 datum. Users who are getting their
coordinates from land.vic.gov.au will be getting coordinates based on GDA94.
If you put your GDA94 coordinates into locfinder you will appear in the wrong location. To fix this you must first convert your coordinates to AGD66.
Convert coordinates from GDA94 to AGD66 so it displays on locfinder correctly:
If you would like to create a contour map of your suburb to see what the landscape is like, here is a tutorial:

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