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NodeHHT - I first became interested in Wireless in December 2003, registered this

node, and purchased a Minitar $48 wireless card. Then Christmas, LCA 2004, and other things happened. Over the long weekend I discovered that I would not be able to create an AP using the minitar card - you need a Prism2 or better card for that, but I hope to eventually use the minitar card for a link to another MelbWireless site. At this point I realized that a laptop I had on loan from work had a Prism2 built into it. In a flurry of activity I installed Linux, a HostAP kernel, hostapd, kismet, wavemon, wireless tools, and a host of other stuff, only to discover that the Toshiba 6100 laptop's wireless firmware seems to be deliberately crippled to prevent hostap working... Also the minitar doesn't always work even in ad-hoc mode - had to rmmod and insmod it to get it to work. Oh well. Perhaps in a few weeks I'll be able to afford a MA311 or similar...

My plans are to set up an AP so that people living nearby can share resources, and perhaps join in the games my kids enjoy, and in the longer term to set up a link to a site with better connectivity.

From the roof of my house I can see the Antenna tower and water tank in Canteburry Road near Elgar Road, but nothing else apart from trees and roofs.

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