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Node HKF Owner: Michael Campion

Location: Rowville
Latitude -37.92028
Longitude 145.22624


SSID: nodehkf.wireless.org.au

Set your SSID to nodehkf.wireless.org.au and contact Michael Campion for more information.

Node Log

09/08/05 - Replaced Dlink ap with Wrap2 board, running Voyage linux(Debian based), snmp, quagga & thttp.

16/07/05 - Install UPS on ap's due to number of power outages in area.

02/07/05 - Setup and testing battlefield 2 linux server with with bots

08/04/05 - Purchase PC Engines Wrap2 SBC

08/01/05 - Setup and testing battlefield vietnam linux server with control of via battlefield vietnam remote manager.

04/01/05 - Setup and testing battlefield 1942 linux server with control of via battlefield 1942 remote manager.

23/12/04 - Setup temporary antenna to test connection with Node GHO.

04/12/04 - Changed wrt54g on link to Node GUR to wrt54gs - running openwrt with additional packages of zebra/ospd, ip, tcpdump, dropbear, wl, kismet drone and snmp.

24/10/04 - Changed firmware on wrt54g to openwrt using snapshot-20041023.tar.bz2, loaded additionl packages of zebra/ospf, ip, tcpdump, dropbear and wl

27/09/04 - Changed firmware on wrt54g to Alchemy.pre5.4

24/09/04 - Change D-link over to linksys wrt54g, running sveasoft satori 4.0g firmware

19/09/04 - Install 15 meter Hills telescopic mask with Hills 24dB grid antenna and D-link DWL-900AP+ access point for connection to Node GUR

29/08/04 - Testing for connection with Node HNE

29/08/04 - Setup temporary mast with Hills 24dBi grid antenna for testing possible connection to Node GUR


I'm currently running Fedora Core 3 on a P4-1.6GHz with 512MB Ram. The machine has OSPF (Quagga) running on it.
My node has a 15dB 180deg waveguide and a Hills 24dB directional connected to a PC engines Wrap2 SBC.

Photo of node setup

Network Interfaces

InterfaceDescriptionIP AddressNetmaskAntennaChannel
br0Node HKF10.10.128.50255.255.255.24015dBi Waveguide1
eth1Link to GUR10.10.131.21255.255.255.22424dBi Hills Grid8


Web page
Public FTP
ntp server
Games server
Access to MW news server



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