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Current have 1 AP (client mode) mast mounted with a grid attached trying to latch onto any local node, (though working with IPK) to form what will be my uplink.

HPL is also up and running with an AP (as an access point), but the AP is current secured because it links directly onto my LAN. This AP is also only using a default antenna and is inside mind you, so not much chance of anyone using that right now.

Soon, I will be adding a second AP in a box on the mast instead, this one will be setup as an AP with the SSID of NodeHPL, linked to an 8db Omni, anyone reasonably close should be able to latch on and use it, hopefully uplinked back to IPK.

I have plans to build a much taller mast, maybe as high as 20 meters (above ground). The plan for this mast is to setup 4 radios. The first an Omni for anyone and everyone to use. The second and third radios will be grid parabolic antenna's aimed to link specifically to one or more people in a specific direction. The last radio will be a 3rd Grid Parabolic antenna which will not have a specific purpose or use, but more the purpose of being able to do anything.

This last Radio will be a PCMCIA card in a PC, the antenna at the top of my mast will be on top of a rotator, which means I will be able to netstumble a specific direction searching for new nodes, or setup as an AP for someone in the neighborhood who is too far away to link to the Omni, but would likely have more luck with a Grid Parabolic. This gives me the ability to instantly setup a radio to do any specific task without having to climb up on the roof first.

Well they say if you want something done, make is easy.

Please email myself using the email contact facility if you have any enquiries, or you can visit my web site,


Which also has contact information if needed.

Even though the web content has little to do with Melbourne Wireless at this time, but I'll make something with nice little pictures and things soon, I promise !

Last updated 13-March-2005.

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