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Description:- A D-link AP 2000+ Access point.

Location:- On the south side of the Hurstbridge Rd in Diamond Creek facing north.

Objective:- I hope to set up the AP using Cantenna very shortly, people in Diamond Creek will have to point your antenna towards the hill behind Ritchies IGA up near the top and you should be OK.
I will be running a DHCP server with possible broadband access to the internet available.

This Weekend:- I have found this link to assist in getting power over ethernet, which i will build up and test prior to putting my AP up with my cantenna. External linkwww.nycwireless.net

I have found that Dick Smith Electronics has the DC plug and socket and
Middy's in Preston is open on Saturday mornings to by the network sockets.

Checking how far my signal goes:-
In my notebook I have a Dlink DWL 650+ PCMCIA NIC
I loaded netstumbler on it from:- www.netstumber.com
Which is described as being a wardriving tool, (but also displays a great signal strength graph)
I found that it did not work, the program reported that my 650+ was unsupported :(
A lot of searching around the net and various forums pointed me to download different types of tools and various utilities, all to no avail.
A person in one forum stated that he had been able to get a DWL 650+ working with netstumbler, but not with the drivers that came on the CD with the NIC, the writer advised getting the latest drivers from Dlink. I went to Dlink's site on the net at www.dlink.com.au and downloaded the latest drivers. I followed the removal instruction in the PDF that was included in the downloaded zip file, and then followed the install instruction.
Netstumbler Now works and displays a wonderful graph. :)
I will use this tool to check my signal strength in the surrounding area, when I place my cantenna on the roof.

Mac Addresses I can see 00 90 96 8e 42 f6, I dont know who you are but i am looking.... Cheer's..

23/08/2004, Still dont have the Cantenna permantly on the roof, I need to get a couple of cable glands to seal up my AP which i will mount near the cantenna. I hope to get that done this week, or I may purchase some low loss cable and have the AP inside the roof.

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