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Node IUV Owner: <spectator>


Status:<coming soon>
not linked to any node, covering local area with an OMNI

SSID: <[N/A]>

Set your SSID to an imaginary setting and contact spectator for more information.

Node Log

A long time ago, I thought about a node

Not quite so long ago I thought about a WIKI page

03/05/07 - First Entry
Finally enquired on list about a PCI card I can use.

What is this thing with the 3rd. Have stalled at the moment, clayton is being renovated prior to moving in. Now hope to be there by November.


IUV currently comprises of:
- an old BX age motherboard
- a 500Mb hd
- a Zydas based USB dongle.
- a fibreglass rollerpole ( mast to be attached to chimney)

I'm using this stuff, because it should do the job, I have a lot of this age stuff laying around, and you can pick it up off the side of the road these days.

Photo of node setup


I will have the following services available

Quake III : 5000
IRC : 6777
WWW : 80

I have more than this running in the past, must go back and have a look at what else I can set up.


I need to:	

- find a PCI card that will run in the OLD pci bus on this Motherboard
- Actually install my mast on the existing chimney.
- Do all this quietly so the wife doesn't notice!
- Build this into something about the size of an oversized shoebox so I can put it in the roof cavity.

I intend to link up to anyone I can find.


I don't have any cash, I don't know anyone with lots of free cash.

The PCI card that will actually run in this motherboard.

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