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Node IWB Owner: jonathan

Location: Park Street, Pascoe Vale

Status: Gathering Info

SSID: Not yet...

You can't, just yet!

Node Log

19/05/2005 - Registered on Melbourne Wireless
18/06/2005 - Got up on the roof and took some LOS photographs
09/02/2007 - Updated


I have a several of machines. I run Ubuntu Linux (Dapper Duck 6.06, x86_64) on my main machine (which is out of action at the moment), and have a second older 32 bit machine with Dapper also on it.

I have Ralink RT2500 based wifi cards in both machines, and have spent some time playing about a bit with them.

I also have an old Higrade laptop, which is currently running WinXP. It has an Asus USB dongle on it.

Recently, I bought a Linksys WRT54GL to play with. I was previously routing everything through my x86_64 box. At the moment, it still has the default Linksys firmware, but in the next week or so, I'll try swapping it out for OpenWRT.

Part of me regrets buying the WRT, as I'd forgotten that there was the Asus WL500GP available, and I was thinking that the Asus box would make a good webserver/file server etc. Perhaps, I might also buy one of them, once I get an external antenna up. The WRT can possibly turn into my melbourne wireless router.


I am looking to create a node for the fun of it. I'll need some help, I guess, in testing it when I get it operational. First things first though, some research...

As I'm in a little bit of a hollow, I'll probably need to put up a reasonably high mast. I've been in touch with Adrian (Node HKP) which is the closest node I'd have a chance of connecting with. This is really a chicken and the egg scenario though.

I have gotten up on the roof and taken some LOS photographs. These photographs were taken about 1.2m above the ridge-cap of the roof, which is how far the tripod extended.

From these I have created a somewhat dodgy External linkpanorama

More particularly, here is a full resolution External link image (3.6MB) looking toward node External linkHKP

And, here is a full resolution External link image (3.6MB) looking toward node External linkIKG


I'm in a bit of a hollow.

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