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Node JNV is now operational and slowly expanding.

10 April 2010
The Onmi is only a 4db antenna so not that great. After going to the last meeting and having a chat, my thoughts have changed. Picked up a 3 slot wave guide antenna. I will now connect the Bullet 2 to the wave guide and point that East towards Officer and Pakenham both of which I can see from my roof. Picked up a Synology Disk Station to connect when I have time.

15 February 2010
Purchased a Bullet 2 and Omni this will go up next.

12 February 2010
Since last year mast and node were installed and operational - until a storm came directly over the top of the house and took out the mast.
New Sat TV gutter mast was installed. Very strong - highly recommended. Grid was attached new cable was run and we are back in business.

30 April 2009
Found a great source of Al masts. Have drilled holes and am just about ready to put it up. Will post some images when I have time.

26th September 2008
Peter came up on the weekend and we hooked up Netstumbler on the laptop to the 24db parabolic reflector grid antenna. Lots of WiFi stuff around plus a few open APs. Nothing suitable for Melbourne Wireless yet. :-( Peter has been doing some link simulations so we shall see what comes out of that. I have figured out the best way to mount the antennas....maybe on the weekend.

11th July 2008
Well at a recent Melb. Wire. meeting I picked up a 24db parabolic reflector antenna and a 14db vertical patch antenna. I also found on Ebay a badly advertised Diamond R100 (WL500g rebadged) router cheap. The main problems I face are antenna mounting. Will drop in some pictures soon.

Still gathering equipment and sorting out the best method for connection at either end. Being in a two storey house is good for height but not for distance between the head end and the network/pc end.

Can see across all of Beaconsfield to the North East. Can see Pakenham to the East. Don't think there is much to the South :-) Looking West and North west, well that is interesting. Some houses visible and the main part of the Melbourne wireless network. Not sure how high a mast I will need.

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