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Location: 2/94 Bible Street, Eltham


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2006-Sep-10 Paid subscription so that I might start buying hardware on the "Incredible Bulk".


I currently own a Dlink DI-524 access point and matching DLink PCMCIA card.

I have one OpenBSD server, one Windows 2003 server and three windows XP workstations. I have at my disposal another OpenBSD server connected to the Internet that I experiment with from time to time. The 2003 server is running Terminal Server and I use it to gain remote access to my applications and files remotely. It too is accessible from the Internet so I will maintain this box until it gets hacked and then I will seek a more robust technology.


No services hosted yet.


At this stage I don't know exactly what I need to buy but hopefully over the next few months I will figure it all out. Given that I appear to be geographically isolated from the network I am most likely going to need something quite directional in order to connect to anything.

I intend to link up to any nodes within line of sight. I have spent some time studying the topographical maps and to my dismay each node appears to be on the other side of a hill. I will keep exploring the maps until I find someone to connect to.

I can't decide wether to attempt to make an antenna or buy one. I will attend some more meetings before making a decision about this.


Money is a little lean but not impossible to find. Over time I should be able to save up enough to build a modest node. I already have plenty of spare PC hardware but lack radio gear and knowledge. This will come in time.

I am nearly at the top of a hill but the terrain in Eltham excludes me from line of site to any operating nodes. I don't really want to upset the neighbours with an enormous tower so I am hoping that a few new nodes will pop up some time soon in Eltham so that I can link to them.

While I am saving up, I need to learn about directional antennae, access points and network security. I already have some basic knowledge of network security but that's one area you can never know too much.

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