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Node JQM Owner: <mattcosa>

Location: Dingley Village


SSID: <nodejqm>

Set your SSID to nodejqm, channel 3

Node Log

Got another access point installed to create nodeKBF. Connected in using a basic Negear AP with a 5dbi omni through the a top story window. Seems reasonably stable but requires much more sensitive equipment to remain behind the glass window there.

New 200mW ultraWAP arrived and installed it. I've actually lost bandwidth between nodeJQN, but I suspect this is because the 12dbi Omni is too focused vertically and as a result of raising the antenna 4meters above the other roof, the actual signal arriving at nodeJQN is weaker.

Upgraded the TV mast to a 4mtr steel pole with three guide wires. The top of the 12Dbi omni now reaches roughly 5.2 meters above the roof. Unfortunately the RP-SMA pigtail broke in half when it fell out of the box. Will persue a new AP.

Finally installed a 12dbi omni antenna to the TV mast.

Moved to different location above shed, still needs work for permenant install.

13/12/06 - Main router / gateway
Installed router running ClarkConnect 4.0. Provides DHCP and VPN access for private use.

11/12/06 - Added entries for melbourne wireless
Added two nodes to melbourne wireless database, JQM and JQN.

10/12/06 - Installed more permanent hardware
Placed the hardware on the roof in a more permanent manor. Still needs work.

25/11/06 - First Entry
Put the stuff on the roof! Very basic setup with very small, 2dbi antenna. Bridged to node JQN with exactly the same AP. Tested with LOS and established a 8Mbit link - stable over several hours. Removed hardware after testing.


UltraWAP 200mW
12dbi omni


DHCP and DNS(external) only. No uplink to melbourne wireless network available as of 13/12/06.

There is a WDS using SSID nodeJQM on channel 3. Currently nodeJQM, JQN and KBF all act as part of the WDS.


Upgrade and install more permanent antenna on roof. (DONE)

Uplink to Melbourne Wireless main network.


Node is located in a very low spot, and has a lot of trees at the immediate hight level. Could be easily fixed with a 2mtr + pole for local (1km) connections. A *MUCH* higher pole would be required to connect to other nodes beyond this distance.


I used this method to locate my house without a GPS unit. Very easy;

External linkhttp://www.accessgrid.org/node/767

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