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This node is aimed at linking my local area for "Lan Games" & "Content Sharing"

Content avalible to share will include TV SHOWS, GAME PATCHES/UPDATES
NO Free-loaders.
Strict MAC filtering Will apply.
Monthly Lan Games will be hosted by my server or whoever has a server and has best locale to average lag between routers.
I Will Provide an aggregate 64Kbps internet link for Minor Web Traffic to a TOTAL of 50MB Per Month each for 5 Clients(The purpose of this is to give updates and email access to those without a constant internet connection).
I have a ADSL2+ Link with 60GB Data so for a small fee other things may be requested.

The network should be governed by the following borders:

South of Bayview Ave
East of Clayton Rd
North of Dandenong Rd(Princes Hwy)
West of Bedoe Ave

Email me at tjazza@gmail.com for more info and to Connect.

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