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Welcome to the KAL Node Wiki..

Node Kal, is positioned on 11 Lang st Beaumaris, at the top of a large fur tree.

External linktree

The node is currently under construction, and should hopefully be up and running in the next few months.

My plans for the node, are to run it on a Pc Engines Alix mini computer, with 2 Winstron 400mw mini pci cards.

The Node Has 2 Radios at Present, but is looking at adding another one

Radio 1: 400mw Wistron Dcma-82 connected to Hills 25db Parabolic

Radio 2: 400mw Wistron Dcma-82 connected to Superpass 8.5db Omni

Node KAL Owner: <tomtom>

Location: Lang, Beaumaris

eg: Linked to <node>, covering local area from <pointX> to <pointY> using <Antenna>


Set your SSID to nodexxx.wireless.org.au and contact your_username for more information.

Node Log

08/06/08 - Decided building a node was something i really wanted to do, and started planning

12/06/08 - Found Supplier of Pc Engines Alix Board

20/6/08 - Ordered Pc Engines alix 2 with dual ethernet, 500mhz processor 256mb ram and 1gb cf card, also ordered pigtails, 2x winstron dcma 82 400mw card and 1x winstron cm9 to put in a asus wl500g

21/6/08 - Purchased 9m antenna mast from radio parts

22/6/08 mounted first antenna mast bracket to the tree, custom made the bracket my self, came up a treat, my welding s getting much better :)

28/6/08 Purchased 25db Hills antenna
External linkDish

1/7/08 Purchased waterproof rugged d-25 multi-pin connector to feed Ethernet power and serial rs232 into the box, and be removable to the box can be taken down for maintenance without undoing any cables from the mast

External linkconnector


Large Rf box, N Male-Male adapter, 2x N male crimp connectors, 8.5db superpass omni-antenna, and crimping die all came in from RF Shop in under 24 hours!!
Thanks Guys


Hills 25db Parabolic Antenna
Hills 9m Telemast

Superpass 8.5db Antenna

Pc Engines Alix 2c with dual Wistron 400mw cards

RF Shop Large Pole mount outdoor enclosure
great box, but people think i have stolen it because it is the same as the Telstra boxes they wack on your wall when you get cable tv or internet at your place.


Once Node goes live, i will be providing a File mirror, with all current apple software updates, free files, and some linux distros, etc


I intend to buy

Asus wl500g at some stage

I intend to link up to: not sure yet, any ideas?

I intend to make one of: The BEST Nodes Around


I I am 16 and don't have any cash, all money being provided by part time job at coles

I am limited to what i can put up due to very aesthetic conscience parents.

I need more info on how Melbourne wireless's ip addressing works.


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