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09/07/2009 - Mast is up for testing, first thing i can say is very heavy! It may only be 10kg all up, but 7m of leverage makes it seem so much more. Need to affix more guy ropes from the base to the mast, to stop any swap and keep it at a firm 90deg upright.

Happy i got it up and running, already seeing +2 to +4 dBi gain on some local AP's in the neighborhood. Still have 2.5m~ of height left if need be.
Hoping to test with local nodes soon.

04/07/2009 - First Entry. Recently purchased an Asus WL-520GU after having no luck hunting down a pre V5 WRT54G, looks like everyones snapped them up.

Started on making an antenna mast. I'm renting a new house, so additions are a no-go (ones that are visible ;). Planning to make the mast free standing with 2x4" pine, 100mm PVC and a road safety bollard i stole many year ago. Picture it like a packing crate, with the bollard held in the middle, with the PVC slipped over that. I have up to 8m of PVC available, but will probably only use 6m, wind would have too much leverage to knock the mast over, and would require more LMR-400 (currenly have 5m).

Made a Cantenna with help from http://www.elf-et-al.com/cantenna/ . Its rough as guts, but works well for what it is. duct taping broom handles managed to reach node JPL @ -87db in VistaStumbler, who is 5km+ away. Not bad, considering between lies the Princes FWY, a power station and trees.



I currently own:
- Asus WL-520GU (flashed to DD-WRT v.24)
- D-link DWA-547 RangeBooster N
- Belkin USB dongle
- Belkin 54G router

I run Windows Vista, Spare Machine will run Linux distro - unsure yet. AMD XP2000, 20Gb and 512MB.
Photo up shortly of node.




I intend to link up to JPL or JUK, these are my closest operational nodes.

I have already made several cantenna's - for such a crude device they work OK!


Girlfriend (thinks mast makes the house look 'ugly')

More reading on how to setup node, still very green to Wireless.


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