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Node KUE Owner: sarcio

Location: Robb Street, Reservoir

Hardware purchased, infrastructure built, hardware set-up, up and running


Set your SSID to nodexxx.wireless.org.au and contact sarcio for more information.

Node Log

26/09/2015 - Its been almost a year since i started messing around with my Hardware. Thats to the crew at the monthly meeting i was able to get my hardware set-up and configured for connection. It was then just a matter of bolting things on my TV antenna, and plugging everything in.

20/10/2014 - Connected my Powerbeam M5 up to the Microtik RB2011. Wirelessly connected to the Microtik from my laptop. Can see both the RB2011 and the radio, which is great. Worth noting that i had to temporarily put the Java security settings to 'Medium' in order for airOs applet to load properly. SNR is around -89/-96. Havnt figured out if that is good or not...

19/10/2014 - First serious test of UbiquitiM5 radio today. I was able to "see" the KSA tower. I am fortunate that my radio only has to be mounted around head height at my back door to get a signal. All up the distance is around 700m, or something around that.

01/10/2014 - First creation of node KUE wiki


I currently own <equipment>
2 x Ubiquiti powerbeam 400 (NanoBeam 400) Radios
2 x microtik RB2011ViAS-2HnD-IN Routers

I run <OS>
Nothng is up and running yet.

Photo of node setup


None yet


KUE will be set up initially to be powered by mains electricity, with future plans to transition to solar pannel with mains backup/faislafe.

Node will include a RaspberryPi or BeagleBone, or PCDuino (i.e some type of ARM based linux / Debian 'Brain') running Arch Linux and Elasticsearch.

In time KUE will host a 'sensor suite' which will begin with a static camera, and grow to include wind speed sensors, pressure, temperatute, and a host of other sensors monitoring station functions (voltages, currents ...etc).

The RaspberryPi Brain will host interesting files such as recipes, plans for interesting building projects, area emergency info (Hospital address, local doctors, Vet, Police etc) and some information on produce grown in the area up for swap / trade - with contact details.

In time, it is hoped that i can establish a link down to Phillip Island, Ventnor.


Lack of technical knowledge about networking protocols.


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