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This is a plain jane, generic OLSRd config file for Linux (and OpenWRT), no comments.

You need to edit the lines highlighted in red to work on your box.

If you choose to advertise your subnet to the rest of the network, uncomment the Hna4 section, and change the address to match your IP block. This will allow machines in your subnet to access the rest of the OLSR network without them needing to run the OLSR daemon. They will need to set their default gateway to the address of your OLSR router though.

For more info, please see OLSRExperiment

LoadPlugin "olsrd_nameservice.so.0.2"
PlParam "name" "nodegho"
PlParam "add-hosts" "/etc/local.hosts" PlParam "hosts-file" "/tmp/hosts.olsr" PlParam "resolv-file" "/tmp/resolv.conf" }
Interface "eth1" "wlan0"
{ HelloInterval 5.0 HelloValidityTime 200.0 TcInterval 0.5 TcValidityTime 260.0 MidValidityTime 100.0 HnaValidityTime 100.0 }
#Hna4 #{
LoadPlugin "olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1" { PlParam "port" "1978" PlParam "Net" "" }
DebugLevel 0 IpVersion 4 ClearScreen yes AllowNoInt yes UseHysteresis no LinkQualityLevel 2 LinkQualityWinSize 100 Pollrate 0.05 TcRedundancy 2 MprCoverage 7 LinkQualityFishEye 1 LinkQualityDijkstraLimit 0 5.0

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