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The OpenZaurus project was created as an alternative ROM image for the Sharp Zaurus Personal Mobile
Tool. The original purpose behind the project was to create a ROM image (kernel + root filesystem) which
was a bit closer to what the developer community specifically desired. The method by which this was accomplished
was simply to use the Sharp ROM as a base and make alterations, bugfixes, additions and even removals, where
necessary, to make the package more open.

Shortly after this, it was revamped completely. OpenZaurus is now a debian based embedded distribution built
from source, from the ground up. Given its debian roots, it is quite similar to other embedded debian-based
distributions, such as Familiar for the Ipaq. This means of doing things also facilitates an easy method for users to
build their own custom ROM images.

Current Versions of OpenZaurus are built from the OpenEmbedded Build system, this was again a complete rebuild of the entire distribution from scratch.

See the External linkOpen Zaurus website for more information.

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