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How to walk on a tiled roof, without breaking anything (including yourself).


I've been to -External linkessay writing. I have tried blaming my obesity on the External linkfamily genes. Once when I donated blood they asked me to become a "plasma" donor - apparently they don't ask skinny people.

So, as you might have guessed, my predisposition to the odd Cheeseburger means that I'm not well suited at prancing across a tiled roof; a talent much sought after when you're trying to get that wireless Node up and running.

My first venture onto a tiled roof resulted in several cracked tiles, followed by a dramatic salvage operation during a storm when we were running around inside wondering why the roof was leaking.

Rule Number 1 - If you break a roof tile, no matter how "hairline" the crack might appear you can be assured of one thing - it will leak.

So, after the roof man came and replaced the broken tiles I took the opportunity to ask him how not to break a roof tile.

Rule Number 2 - Spread your weight evenly across the entire surface of each foot. We all have a tendency to place more weight on our heels, so be conscious of that.

Then, he showed me where to stand, after explaining how the tiles actually sat on the roof and what was under each of them.

Rule Number 3 - Always walk along the roof, not up the roof. Keep your feet pointing towards an end of the house. If you have to climb higher up the roof, step sideways.

Where to step on a roof Tile

Rule Number 4 - Place each foot at the lower ridged end of a tile only, ABOVE where the tile below goes under it, NOT at the point where the tile you are standing on goes under the one above it. These horizontal joins are supported by an underlying beam in the roof structure itself. See Picture.

So what happens if you break these rules?

Follow the rules dammit

Happy roof walking... Bigmac.

How to walk on a tin roof, without making a hole for a new downlight....

Rule Number 1 - Walk on dem nails

Rule Number 2 - Wear Shoes.
(James - why? I've done it in bare feet...)
(I dunno - i only added rule 1, someone else did rule 2. I prefer to walk on the roof with bare feet...) They get hot in summer and the edges are sharp.
(I find bare feet 'stick' better, but I'd make sure my shots were up to date. --Benji)

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