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SecureSHell is an enhanced Shell used for secure (encrypted) communication with a remote computer.
SSH is the protocols name but it may be used to refer to the original (now commercial) implementation as well as the open source version OpenSSH, either way, it is the preferred replacement for Telnet.


SSH encrypts ALL traffic.
The login transaction and all further traffic is secured against casual eavesdropping.
(It is worth mentioning that scp is a Secure Copy program that adheres to the same principal and is usually (?) packaged with the SSH program.)


Telnet is a shell without any security features (no encryption).
Login passwords and all further transmissions are sent in the clear. ie:- anyone with access to the traffic has the potential to read it. Wireless networks such as ours are intended to be open, broadcasting administration passwords or details is not the intention though.

Telnet still has its uses (checking mail accounts, server versions) and SSH can be exploited, however any administrative traffic sent over an open network should be secured and SSH provides a suitable level of protection.

Where to get it.

External linkSSH - commercial version
External linkOpenSSH - a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite (BSD Licence)
External linkPutty - PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms
The front page of External linkOpenSSH.org has a comprehensive listing of SSH alternatives for most Operating Systems, under the Alternatives menu.

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