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Importers notes: 10/2004 The original developer ceased working on Speak Freely at the start of 2004. A project to continue development of Speak Freely has been started on SourceForge click External linkhere to check it out.

Speak Freely

Way cool open source Voice over IP (VoIP) application. Comes in Unix and Windows versions which interoperate well. The Unix package also includes a conference server, addressing/directory server, echo server (for testing purposes) and voice on demand server.

Speak Freely has found its way into many applications, probably one of the more intering being the External linkInternet Radio Linking Project which links amateur radio systems across the globe.

Also used to create TheWorldsMostExpensiveWalkieTalkies.

More info and downloads

The SpeakFreely for Windows site has disappeared completely and the External linkSpeakFreely for Unix/Linux has been archived

However, Speak Freely lives on at SourceForge. Take a look at External linkSpeakFreely at SourceForge

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