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This card was shipped to us by mistake and I found it floating in a draw.
The Ant portion is double height - makes it useless to use in the bottom slot.
Unit snaps apart from the sides, then the "ant. cover" comes off with plastic clips around the outside.

has two leds - showing "diversity". Most webpages I have found on this card says that one ant is only for recieve (not sure which one).

The external ant is inaccesible for normal use (to use it you will need to remove the cover to get to it - and drill a hole in the cover to keep it connected. According to websites I have found it is an "MT" connector (but haven't found a stockist yet).
You can bypass the external ant with some solder pads that are on the board - or unsolder the connector.

Had a lot of problems with this unit in my Thinkpad T41, with an internal mini-pci card - aparently the drivers are sufficuently similar that they affect each other. Make sure you disable the mini-pci card if you are going to try and use this as an additional (or in my case - external ant).

Drivers accessible via IBM website.

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