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I'm excellent at breaking things. and fixing them.

i also have some things for sale at [toli's trades].

i have my CompTIA A+ Certification saying i know how to put a PC together, or at least pretend i know something about it. overclockers ask me for advice sometimes, but i'm usually the only person silly enough to respond.

i also know a thing or two about Linux and 9x/NT/2k/XP which puts me a step above the PFY. and above the n00b. in fact i'm usually the one holding the clue bat, in a nice way. it comes from doing helpdesk.

i've been on BBSes, i used to Deathmatch on Duke Nukem 3D with dialup, i had Windows 95 betas, i was on MSN before it was MSN, i was on free internet on the AOL betas. i will sell my soul for good stuff, and i am fairly shameless if i need to be. which, thankfully isn't all that often.

speaking of shameless...

i am an MCSE for Windows NT4.

i have the 0ldsk00l hacker training but i wear it like a kung-fu master wears a 'i know perl-fu' XXL t-shirt. poorly.

i do have a web page. it's old. if you want me, you can go out and look for me, my details aren't private, just obscured.

i pay for my own stuff, out of my own money. which proves just how silly i am.

i have GB's of stuff i end up harvesting. it's a good selection. and when i say 'stuff', i mean pr0n and mp3 and warez. and stuff. if you want a defined quantity, it's MoreThanYouHave

i used to go to uni, i graduated in april 2002 in brisbane. i live in Melbourne now, and am currently unemployed. my IRC habits will reflect this.

my node is NodeEFB. currently it's inactive, but i'm getting some Orinoco cards later on, which will effectively make me a 'member' of the ad-hoc group and we'll see how far my 'neighbour' is. The cantenna is also on my list as is a WORKING Orinoco 'Pigtail' Adaptor, but without a clear LoS to anyone or anywhere in the vicinity, i might be the closest network neighbour for a while. though, if i can bounce the signal over the hills, i could get a nice signal to someone ... maybe.

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