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Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson
Dennis Ritchie (standing) and Ken Thompson begin porting UNIX to the PDP-11 via two Teletype 33 terminals.

I think it's impossible to provide an exact definition of Unix.

In summary, Unix is a family of operating systems, comprised of various kernels and suites of basic utilities, and encompassing a philosophy of programming and using computers that has resulted in the Unices of today.

The first versions were implemented at BellLabs for a PDP-7 in 1969. Today, the trademark Unix is owned by X/Open, and is licensed to anyone whose system can pass a set of compliance tests.

Unix is sometimes called *nix because at one time AT&T were pretty fascist about protecting the trademark, which they then owned.

For more details, see this External linkpaper or the External linkcorporate glossy at BellLabs.

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